Discord is the communications channel between Supermassive, our members, and the app, and enables a lot of our functionality. When you connect, the following things happen: 

  • You are invited into the Supermassive Discord and are granted permissions appropriate to your membership type. Once in Discord, you'll be able to discuss topics of interest (like cryptocurrencies and hacking) with the rest of the Supermassive network.
  • You gain visibility to Supermassive's real-time crypto bot output, with additional information not present in the app.
  • Your profile is updated with your Discord information, so that other Supermassive members know how to reach you.
  • Your Discord comments about various topics are displayed contextually within the app.
  • You are able to vote on comments from and links shared by other members, adding to the collective knowledge of the network.

Connecting to Discord is straightforward; instructions can be found here. Please feel free to reply to this email if you need any additional help.