The hacking screens provide information about bug bounty programs being maintained by various providers, and about the information and interest that the Supermassive network has in each program. 

The program feed displays all programs that we are tracking. If you’ve added any to your watchlist, they are listed first, followed by those programs other Supermassive members are watching, followed by the rest of the programs in our system. 

Tapping the 'View Watchlist' text shows you just the programs you are watching. Add a program to your watchlist by tapping its eye icon. Adding a program to your watchlist is shared in Discord, and is visible to other members on that program's detail screen. 

Tapping a program brings you to its detail screen, which shows basic information about that program: name, provider, bounty size, a list of the Supermassive members following it, and the comments made about the program in Discord, sorted by their upvote tally.