The investing screens provide information about upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and the information and interest that the Supermassive network has shared or expressed about those ICOs. 

The ICO Feed provides a sorted list of upcoming ICOs. If you have added any to your watchlist, they appear first, followed by ICOs deemed interesting by the network, followed by ICOs of general interest. You can add or remove ICOs from your watchlist by tapping the eye icon. That action is shared in Discord and visible from the ICO detail, and is used to measure network interest in the ICO. 

Tapping the magnifying glass brings you to an ICO search, which will let you find ICOs based on their name or token, their category (Financial, Entertainment, etc…), their status (Upcoming, Ended, etc…), , or by phase (Presale, Sale). 

Tapping an ICO brings you to its detail screen. From here, you can see information about the ICO, comments made in Discord about the ICO, and a list of the Supermassive members who have placed it on their watchlists.