Supermassive has a number of bots running behind the scenes, watching the cryptocurrency markets to record and relay events we think you’ll find informative. These events are surfaced in our app and in Discord. The parameters we use are tunable, so if you think there are too many alerts, or if you are wondering why there aren’t any, please start a conversation in the #suggestions channel in Discord. If you have suggestions about other bots we should create, or currencies or exchanges to monitor, please bring those to our attention as well. 

Money Flow bot

This bot measures money flow for BTC, ETH and LTC on the Coinbase Pro and Bitfinex exchanges, and raises alerts when any of the following occur:

  • MF crosses zero (in either direction)
  • MF trend shifts direction (i.e. it was heading down, but now it’s heading up)
  • MF momentum increases (MF is still rising or sinking, but now it is doing so more quickly than before)

The short-term bot calculates money flow every minute, using 21 periods of 24 hours. If we spot a trend from the last 15 minutes of data, we alert. 

The long-term bot calculates money flow every 15 minutes, using 21 periods of 24 hours. It alerts when it spots a trend in the 4 hours of data.

Whale Watcher bot

The Blockchain Whale Alert bot watches the 1000 largest BTC wallets, and raises alerts when those wallets send or receive BTC above a certain percentage of the size of their wallet. 

If we know the identity of those wallet holders, we share that information in the alert.

Exchange outlier bot

The exchange outlier bot monitors the Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, and Kraken exchanges, looking for interesting BTC, ETH, or LTC orders.

Market Order Whale Alerts

This bot will alert in discord when it sees a market order being filled whose size was significantly large as a percent of the order book for that exchange.

Limit Order Whale Alerts

This bot will alert in discord when a significant percentage of a significantly large order has been filled and the order has been removed from the order book of an exchange market. 

Squeeze Bot

The squeeze bot alerts in Discord when it notices that a currency on an exchange has entered or left a "squeeze" (a period of low volatility, indicating that the market will shortly make a big move up or down). We use Bollinger Bands (BB) and Keltner Channels (KC) - when the BB are fully "within" the KC, we signal that the squeeze is on. The squeeze is deactivated when the KC is fully "within" the BB. 

The squeeze bot monitors BTC, LTC, and ETH on the Bitfinex and Coinbase Pro exchanges. The timeframe mentioned on the alert refers to the interval periods used in the calculations of the bands and channels. 

You can find more information about market squeezes here