Supermassive uses Discord as its primary digital communications channel. The channels you see are dependent on your membership type.

General Info

#about provides more information about Supermassive and its offerings.

#rules provides information about how we expect our network to behave.

#suggestions is your place to share your ideas about improving Supermassive with our team.

#about-channels ... tells you the same thing as this support page.

#about-membership describes the various ways to join our community.

#announcements is where Supermassive Staff will post updates relevant to the community.

#welcome is where Discord Guests first arrive and get a quick intro to Supermassive.

#lobby is an open channel to talk about anything. 

Network Interests

Network interests are those topics we think will be relevant to our community. ‍

#trading-room is a high signal, low noise room for discussing trading strategies or actual trades being made. ‍

#crypto-chat is for the discussion of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchain technologies, and the like. ‍

#crypto-on-chain-whales, #crypto-exchange-outliers, #crypto-15-min-money-flow, #crypto-4-hr-money-flow, #crypto-15m-squeeze-indicator, and #crypto-4hr-squeeze-indicator are where our bots post crypto market updates. Bots post delayed updates to the *-open channels, for Guest Members to sample. You can read more about these bots here. 

#hacking-chat is for the discussion of non-trivial feats of software development - bug bounties, hacking 

competitions, and interesting tools, technologies, and tips.

#biohacking-chat is for the discussion of lifestyle and supplementation choices for bio-optimization and cognitive performance.

#personal-security-and-privacy-chat is for the discussion of maintaining your physical and digital security and privacy.

‍#network-updates is for broadcast messages of various member activities. 

Voice Channels 

Voice Channels are only available to Network Members.

Trading is for members that wish to speak about trading in a party-line setting. 

Off Topic is for members that wish to talk about anything not related to our interests, again in a party-line setting 

AFK is the channel you end up in if have been idle for more than 5 minutes on the other voice channels