Supermassive encourages its members to make themselves available to the network, so that others benefit from their hard-won knowledge. Members can signal their availability by starting office hours.

Expectations and Incentives

By flagging yourself as available, other members and Supermassive staff will be encouraged to reach out to you to discuss the topics you've selected. You should not expect blissful solitude during office hours.

Supermassive wants its members to share with one another, and will reward those members that do so in various top-secret but compelling ways.

Starting office hours

To start an office hour session, tap the 'Go live with a topic' button on the home screen. Toggle the topics about which you feel comfortable talking, select a duration, and tap 'Begin Session'.

Office hours start as soon as you tap the 'Begin Session' button. Other members will then be able to see your session on the home screen, and will be encouraged to talk to you via Discord. Finally, your office hours schedule will be posted to the 'Network Updates' Discord channel.

Feel free to grab one of the Discord voice channels if you wish to talk "in person". 

Active office hour sessions will appear on the home page, with the presenter, timeline, and topic(s) displayed. Tapping an active session will redirect you to Discord, where you can find and 


There are a few topics available to choose from In addition to those that we think are of interest to the network:

  • Blockchain: For the discussion of applications of blockchain technology (not necessarily cryptocurrencies). 
  • Trading & Investing: For the discussion of cryptocurrency trading and longer-term investment options. 
  • Hacking: For the discussion of ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and related topics. 
  • Off Topic: For the discussion of anything else. 
  • Ambassadorship: for Guildhouse members, select this if you are interested in meeting potential members, and in helping them understand the Supermassive offering.

Ending office hours

If you wish to end your office hours ahead of time, you may do so by tapping your session on the home screen.