Many messages posted to Discord will be accompanied by thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons. 

The Supermassive-bot provides one of each to indicate that voting is possible. Your votes indicate whether you think the article adds to the network's collective intelligence. Highly upvoted comments, links, and currency and program mentions appear in contextually appropriate locations throughout the application. 

Your vote tally is reflected in your network profile and is a rough gauge of your contribution to the network.

Discord comment use

The Supermassive-bot will react to the mention of a crypto currency or its abbreviation: 

These comments are associated with the coin in question, and displayed on its insights timeline. 

Mentioning an ICO symbol in #crypto-chat will have the same effect:

Finally, posting links in the crypto-chat room will pull those articles into our news feed. If you mention a coin or ICO, the article will be connected there as well: