About our data

Supermassive uses a number of data sources to provide the information you see within the application:

  • Coin prices and graphs are sourced from CryptoCompare. We use their aggregate and the data they provide from the underlying exchanges. 
  • Our bots make use of data from Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken, and the BTC, ETH, and LTC blockchains.
  • ICO data comes to us from ICOBench.
  • Bug bounty information comes to us from HackerOne. 

About your data

The Supermassive app makes use of the following data:

  • The information you provided to us when you registered (name, email address). We store your credit card and address info in Recurly, our subscription management platform. You can read more about Recurly's data protection practices here
  • Your Discord user ID, so that we can invite you to our Discord server, connect your comments to your user record, and measure the value you are delivering to the community
  • Your Coinbase account balance, so we can show you the current status of your portfolio there. In the future, you may be able to buy goods and services from us using that account.

We connect to Discord and to Coinbase via OAUTH (see this article for an explanation). When you connect to these services, you will be able to see the exact permissions Supermassive is seeking from you. We store OUATH tokens for each of these systems; you can revoke them at any time from the admin pages of the system in question.