The trading screen provides quick access to realtime market data for the coins that you follow.

My coinlist

The "My Coinlist" section displays the coins you have elected to follow, and the following data about each coin: 

  • Its symbol
  • Its name, and relevant currency pairing (BTC priced in USD, for example)
  • The price in that currency
  • The 24 hour high and low 
  • A price graph for the last 24 hours

You can add or remove coins from your list by tapping the 'Edit list' (iOS) or 'Manage' (Android) label at the top left of the screen. 

Manage Coin List

To add or remove a coin from your list, tap the star (iOS) or plus sign (Android) to the right of the coin in question. Coins that you are currently watching will appear on the top of this list, followed by an alphabetical list of the other coins Coin additions and removals are broadcast in #network-updates in Discord.