The coin details screen shows standard market data about various cryptocurrencies, overlaid with every piece of information that Supermassive and its members have shared about those currencies. 

The screen is broken down into four sections: the controls, the price chart, the (optional) money flow chart, and the insights details


The controls section is at the top of the coin detail screen, and allows you to control what data you see for the currency in question. 

There are six controls present: 

  • The back arrow brings you back to the Coin List
  • The question mark displays the help content
  • The settings bars bring you to the settings screen, which allow you select the insights that are displayed and whether to show the money flow chart.
  • An exchange drop-down, which allows you to select the exchange from which to fetch the price and (some of) the insights. 
  • An interval drop-down, which allows you to select the interval used in the money flow and squeeze calculations. 
  • A 'pin' that allows you to anchor the price and money flow graphs to the top of the screen as you scroll through the list of insights. 

The interval control is only available if you are looking at a coin for which we perform money flow calculations, and if you have selected to see the money flow and squeeze events via settings. 

The timescale displayed is dependent on the interval setting (if 15 minute interval is active, then we show 6 hours of data in the charts, for example). If the interval control is not displayed, then we show one week's worth of data in the price chart. 

Price chart

The price chart shows the price of the currency in question, for the timescale determined by the logic explained above. 

We will show an indicator icon on the price graph for every insight seen or created during the timespan in question, assuming you've elected to care about the indicator in question via the settings screen. 

Money Flow Chart

The money flow chart is an optional section, appearing below the price graph. 

Money flow is calculated with data from specific exchanges and specific look back ranges, selected in the controls section. Money flow is explained in more detail in our article about bots.

Insights Details

The insights section shows all of the significant events that the Supermassive bots have noticed by watching the blockchains and exchanges related to this currency, as well as any information shared by Supermassive members about the currency in question. 

There are several different types of insights, explained below. 


Any URL posted to the #crypto-chat Discord room that mentions a coin (or its abbreviation) is automatically linked to that coin, and becomes visible on this screen. For each news article, we show information about the person who posted it, its upvote and downvote tally, and its position in time on the price graph.   


This screen shows the messages posted to Discord about the coin in question. Posts that mention the currency name or its abbreviation (i.e. "bitcoin" or "btc") in the #crypto-chat room are automatically associated with the currency, and are displayed here. For each message, we show information about the person who posted it, its upvote and downvote tally, and its position in time on the price graph. 

Money Flow Events, Whale Watcher events, Exchange Outlier events, and Squeeze Bot events

Please refer to our article about bots.